North Blood is an original 4 piece guitar-based indie band from East-Lancashire and Greater-Manchester, UK. Daz Gilkinson (lead/rhythm guitars) and Duffy (drums) have toured extensively over the UK and internationally on other projects. Mick Bates (bass) has played with various bands over the North West over the last three decades. Daren Reece Lamberton (singer/guitars) has played in numerous bands touring the UK and parts of Europe.Their soon to be released album “Rolling Doves”, is an honest and eclectic collection of original compositions with influences varying from funk, blues, rock & folk.

Daren Reece Lamberton wrote a collection of songs over the lockdown period with a desire to record them all and see what happens. The tracks were laid down at Lisa Stansfield's private studio Gracieland in Rochdale.Around this time, Duffy had recently finished building his home studio and had kindly offered the use of his facility to work on new material and rehearse. Daz Gilkinson lived round the corner so as it happened, they both liked the songs and were keen to get involved. Mick Bates and DRL were long term music buddies who had done many gigs together so with this enthusiastic response, North Blood was born..“On our first practice we realised we had something that excited us all and wanted to pursue further.”

Duffy - drums

Daz Gilkinson - lead & rhythm guitar

Mick Bates - bass

Daren Reece Lamberton -  guitar and vocals